375mm Black Heavy Duty PP Sand Peg Part# 683

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375mm Black Heavy Duty Polypropylene Sand Peg

Polypropylene sand pegs are designed for use when pitching tents and tarpaulins on the beach or where soil conditions are loose and sandy.

Poles Apart Sand Pegs have a four sided shaft, each at 90 degrees and taper to a sharp point to penetrate sand with relative ease.

The head has a solid circular base to enable tapping with a mallet or to push in with the palm of your hand. Incorporated into the design are both an open ended and a closed loop for ease of guy rope fastening.

If you require a larger size or a smaller quantity please visit our store for individual listings and larger sizes: 225 / 300 & 500mm Black Polypropylene Sand Pegs.

Weight: 350g

Part# 683

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