22mm Bow End / Eyelet Ends Part# 585

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Bow End/ Swivel Inserts

  • Fits inside tubing with an OD of 22mm
  • Stems physically measure 19.5mm in diameter
  • 8mm eyelet hole
  • 62mm long (overall)
  • Suitable for Aluminium or Steel tubes / Poles
  • Can be used for various applications:
    • Swivel Insert / Slide Rails for Tent Poles
    • Fixed Bow Frame End
    • Boat Bimini Ends
    • Canopy Bow Ends
    • Bed Fly Conversion Kit Parts
  • Weight: 17g
  • Part# 585

Can be fitting with a rivet to allow to 180 degree swivel or can be glued into a
specific position.


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