Custom Tent Poles & Camper Trailer Frames

Custom Tent Poles & Camper Trailer Poles:

Please Contact us via the contacts page for a custom quote and delivery Australia wide. Pickup from Melbourne is preferred for Camper Bows, as these items can be cumbersome to freight, but we do freight Australia wide.

Minimum custom pole order is $100 excluding freight costs.

In the mean time, please download a Custom Bow Specification Form and complete as much detail as possible. We will ask for this to be emailed or sent to us as a photo to ensure we provide an accurate quote and supply exactly what you need.

Understanding the custom bow specification form:

1) A = measurement of the width of the bow in mm. Tip: don't measure above the bow, the radius on the corners makes it difficult to measure. Take a measurement from the very outside of the upright poles before the corner starts to bend to get a more specific measurement.

2) B = measurement of the bow height in mm. Tip: slide bow again a wall or create a straight edge at the top of the bow to measure the height from top to the bottom of the bow.

3) C: Diameter of tubing in mm. Please measure across the end of the pole and provide a measurement in mm. We only use 19, 22 or 25mm

4) D: Are the locking ring screws (t-nut and bolts) required at the bow ends?

5) E Are the reinforced rods required at the corners? These are usually a diagonal piece of 8mm rod welded into the corners to create a brace. Most bows do not have these as many are required to slide through canvas pockets.

6) F = Length of legs in mm - from end to end of the pole.

7) G = Diameter of legs in mm. Please measure across the end of the pole and provide a measurement in mm. We only use 19, 22 or 25mm

8) Are the top section of the legs swaged up? This setup is quiet rare, but is when the end of the leg has a 60mm tapered down end to slide into the camper bow rather than a t-nut / locking nut system.

9) Are the swivel holes required at the bottom ends? Many camper bows are a fixed size and do not have adjustable legs. These bows are typically fitted to the camper via an 8 or 10mm swivel hole drilled through the end of the bow.

10) Add any other requirements on the sketch. Some require ring fittings in the corners of the bow for affixing canvas or annexes. If any other fittings are required we will need photos and descriptions of what is required.

11) Cross out any not applicable items.

Tent Pole Production:

Contact us for delivery Australia wide for custom poles and tent poles.

Poles Apart Accessories is proud to announce we can manufacture the original Poles Apart tent pole range or your custom tent pole needs in Australian Made 19, 22 & 25mm Galvanised tubing.

For made to order poles from following product range or custom design please contact us for more information.

*Length means the span the pole is capable of expanding to with a 10 - 20cm internal overlap for adjustable poles. The collapsed height is typically 50-60% of the extended length. For example, a 230cm adjustable pole collapses to around 125cm. Lengths can be confirmed during the order process.