6mm Single Guy Rope - Wooden Runner Part# 471

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6mm Single Guy Rope with Wire Runner & Spring

  • 6mm diameter polypropylene rope
  • UV Stabilized PP white rope (no red/yellow fleck)
  • 1 x Wooden Runner fitted
  • 1 x Zinc plated splice clip fitted to end of rope
  • Standard 3.2mtr long single guy rope
  • Individually cut to size & assembled in Country Vic
  • Weight: 180g
  • Part# 471

Guy ropes are strung between the top of a tent pole and a tent peg in the ground to keep the tent pole upright and the tarpaulin or canvas taut.

Feel free to message us if you have any custom requirements.

Please Note: This product can not be sold internationally.

UV Stabilized Polypropylene ropes are white only, we are working on updating our marketing photos.

Sold in Victoria by Poles Apart Accessories

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