Jayco Mounting Bracket Kit Part# 38MSJ

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Jayco Mounting Bracket Kit

Mounting bracket kit is used with Jayco branded Bag Awning Rafters to secured the awning roof rafter with bent spigot to the Camper Trailer


  • 1x bracket and 1x backing plate included
  • Zinc Plated
  • Screws not included
  • Weight: 15g
  • Part# 38MSJ
  • Please note! These pair with 19mm Jayco Bend Spigots part #JBS (6mm pin)
  • Do not pair with Poles Apart 19mm Bent Spigot Part# 575 (7.6mm spigot)


It's recommended to use small stainless steel self tapping screws approximately 10mm in length.

These brackets are designed for the Jayco branded bag awnings.

They may not be suitable for other brands of bags awnings.

Sold in Victoria by Poles Apart Accessories

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